Calhoun County Humane Society
Home Page of CCHS, the Humane Society of
Calhoun County, Texas
Welcome to the home page of the Humane
Society of Calhoun County, Texas.   We
organized in January of 2005 and have high
hopes for what can be accomplished with
the hard work of our volunteers and the
citizens of Calhoun County which includes
Port Lavaca,  Seadrift,  Port O' Connor, Point
Comfort and many rural areas. See "About
Us" for many  more details, but for
immediate contact please call and leave a
message at 361-553-8916.  You may also
e-mail us at or drop us a line
at P. O. Box 1505, Port Lavaca TX  77979
come by and see us at 201 Stringham Drive
(across from the ballpark and rodeo arena
at the fairgrounds, just off CR 101)
The mission of the Calhoun
County Humane Society is to find
loving homes for dogs and cats
rescued from the local animal
control facility and encourage
responsible pet ownership
through public education.

We take animals to PetSmart  in Victoria with the first
Saturday of each month being CCHS's day  to bring dogs
and cats. Some of our kittens and adult cats stay in the
adoption center full time, waiting for you to come by and
fall in love with them!
Volunteers are at the shelter Monday through Saturday
from 10-2, with few exceptions, but do call to make sure
as we might be taking animals to the vet or running other
errands. Come and visit, take a new family member home
with you! And even if you're not in the market for a pet
right now, come visit us, see what we're trying to
accomplish and help us spread the word about CCHS.
Due to the generosity of the Kennel Club of Greater
Victoria, Texas we have a fine bulletin board at the
general merchandise door of Wal-Mart.  We would also
like to offer our thanks to Wal-Mart for having allowed us
to hold our mobile adoptions in their parking lot. They
have been a good neighbor and friend.

ALSO, are you interested in becoming a volunteer with
CCHS or working at the shelter? You may contact us via
this website or call 553-8916 and leave a message.
are in great need of volunteers at the shelter
to continue our work!
There will be an orientation to
learn the "how and why" of feeding, cleaning, etc. You
will never experience more appreciation than these dogs
and cats will give you in return for your care and help.
becomes addictive and you'll feel lost when you're not
there. Try it and see!
IMPORTANT:  We have 501(c)3  tax exempt status and your
donations may be tax deductible. And, remember, we are a
subscriber. You can make donations to CCHS right here on our
website: credit, debit card, whatever works for you works for us! You
can check out our Want List page, scroll to the bottom and click the
button to make a donation.
OR, do it here, NOW!

With your
help, saving
the world,
one animal
at a time...
PLEASE JOIN US. We would love to add
your picture here as we can use your
help in so many ways. It is such
rewarding work when a dog trots
eagerly out the door with its new
owner, eyes sparkling, and that new
companion kitty, purring happily in the
arms of its new owner as it leaves the
confines of a cage to explore its new
We have a small (so far) group of patrons we call "Friends of
Kit and Michelle McAfee of Humble, Linda
Boone of Victoria
made a commitment to send a monthly
donation since we began, money we can depend on. Then
John and Kathy Warren of Point Comfort, Ruth Mueller
Hahn and Deborah Summey of Port Lavaca
patrons as well,then joined by
Joyce Schaefer of Port
. Could YOU become a patron, make a pledge to give
whatever amount you can each month? Large or small, they
all add up!! Contact us if you would like to join this great group
of people who make our work possible and help save many
wonderful animals.
Be sure to click on the
link to our new "Animal
Archives" that follows
Page 2 of Our Animals
Woodie, a gorgeous Siamese cross that we adored, was adopted by the
owners of
Gardenland Nursery where Woodie greets all their customers
and thoroughly enjoys his new home! Stop by Gardenland when "you're in
the 'hood", meet Woodie and see all the wonderful plants they have for you.
Cyrus (on the left) could
not have gone to a more
perfect home. Just look
at his new companion,
Kyllikki ! Both are such
beautiful dogs, and they
are having a great time
Tabitha waited a long time at the shelter, very
patiently, waiting for someone who would
realize what a wonderful cat she is and fall in
love with her. Just look at the trust in Tabitha's
eyes - and the happiness in the eyes of her
new owner who knows she made the perfect
decision.  Could there be the perfect
companion for
you waiting at the shelter right
Mai Tai, one of the
most gorgeous
Siamese crosses
we've had in a long
time, was lucky
enough to be
adopted by a very
smart man - one who
knows just how great
it is to have a cat!
Sometimes it takes a while for that
perfect person to walk through the
door to adopt an animal that has
been overlooked for too long. But
when it happens, it's one of the
most gratifying moments in the
lives of all our volunteers. Dear
Jazz, a Dachshund mix, was so
lucky to be "found" by this wonderful
person!  We can't even begin to
imagine how happy  Jazz is now.
And here, two
adoptions at
on the left and "big
Shiloh on the
Two great adoptions at PetSmart: Grace and Suzette, Siamese sisters on
the left and
Bruiser Brody on the right who went to live with a wonderful
family. And how we
love it when people "come back for seconds"  - see
Houdini's adoption below, the fella who started it all for this family.
Our sweet Quincy was
adopted at PetSmart to a
family of real cat lovers. Note
that Quincy seems to be
saying, "Now that I have a
new human who's taking me
out of this cage and to a new
home I'm not letting go!"
Some terrific adoptions at PetSmart: Far left is Mr. Bojangles, our "song and
dance man"; please go to Archives-Our Animals for the whole wonderful
story on this adoption, another one of our adopters who "came back for
Alice Sweet Alice, a winsome Siamese cross with a very unique
mask, is much loved by her new family. And
Diego? Does that look like
anything but total love and pleasure on the face of his new human? SWEET!
Two super
Livi, a
most unusual
dog, adored at first
sight, and
now Ned
beautiful orange
bull's eye tabby
whose new
"mom" was SO
excited to finally
have him in her
Do we even need words? Felix is so happy he's schmoozing all over his
new mom. He loved the shelter and his friends but he loves her more!
And our wonderful
Pluto, a black and tan tabby with BIG eyes,
was adopted at PetSmart by a great family.
Are our animals lucky or what? Our adorable cats and dogs get
adopted by such nice and good looking humans!! Top left is
Kate, a
Shih Tzu mix adopted at PetSmart recently, then  
Pippin was
adopted at the shelter by a man who got one of our cats 2 years
ago (he "came back for seconds")and
Tess and her new mom who
make a lovely pair. Bottom row is
Tyson with his new mom at the
shelter, then our super wonderful cat  
Rascal adopted by this terrific
family at PetSmart and
Blu who went to live with his lovely new
owner in the Big Easy!
Little Reno was
personally selected at
the shelter by one of
those smart guys who
know just how
wonderful a cat
companion can be.
Small boy, big
but we know our sweet  
lady has a great home,
adopted at PetSmart.
Ernie (aka Big ears) was adopted at PetSmart on 7-16. His foster mom who
loved him a
LOT was very happy to see him go to such a nice home where
he'll get much love and attention.
Salem the
Siamese was
adopted at
PetSmart, also to
a great family.
Tyson was
adopted at the
shelter to a very
loving new
Does Hawkeye, a gorgeous
bull's eye tabby, look excited and
appreciative of his new family?
WOW! Talk about a schmoozer,
too cute
Fonzie and his
new family, left, at
PetSmart, and we
hear it was love at
first sight as "The
Fonz" is quite a
Princess,  right,
and her sister
Zoe, lower left, a
couple of
Siamese crosses,
along with
Swoozie were
adopted at the
shelter. Some very
lucky young kittens
and happy
adopters that
make what we do
very satisfying.
The family above from Wharton came to
the rodeo, saw
Stetson outside and fell
in love. Mom asked for attention, at left,
and Stetson obliged with a big kiss!
! For an update on how much
Stetson loves his girl, scroll down on

"Archives-Our Animals".
Candy, a precious blonde
Chihuahua/terrier mix, was also
adopted at the shelter, happiness all
Three adoptions at PetSmart with Jagger at left and two happy little
blondes to match his patches, lucky
Kalinda, a Siamese cross who is
going to be spoiled rotten, and
Sport, a very playful Tuxedo.
Two more kitty adoptions at PetSmart, our wonderful Jewel at left
with her happy new human, and precious
Lulu, silky long hair, a
great lap cat in the making who went to a very lucky family.
Lulu, a very lovely
calico, sweet
disposition - can you
imagine her not
getting a second
chance at life?
Two more super
cat adoptions at
the semi-bobtail
with his new
human and
Pursilla, our
calico with her
loving new family.
who will spoil her
Our super
getting a new
family at
Rags, a long
hair Siamese,
so cuddly, with
his new mom,
the whole family
is thrilled to
have him!
Chico, another
Siamese but a
real "pistol" of a
guy, went to the
best mom he
could ever have.
Casey was a
lucky guy, went to
a great home,
adopted at
PetSmart. Cute,
cute, both of

PLEASE: If you love animals and can spare
2 to 4 hours a week to help us at the
shelter, we and the animals NEED
Some adoptions at PetSmart, TSC and the shelter - see some great adoptions att "Archives - Our Animals"
Pippen and Carly at the shelter
Rikki at PetSmart and Renee  at the shelter
Liz at PetSmart and Ozzy at the shelter
Liam and Lilly at PetSmart
Click here to open the Archives for
this Home Page
And will it be
YOU and
new loving
animal here
Henley at PetSmart
Skeeter, left, and Toby, right, both at
PetSmart and both very lucky kitties!
Lady Blue and a funky dog named Gizmo, both at the
Keneau at the shelter and Pongo at Wal-Mart
Tootsie, a terrific
Boston Terrier,  
and dear little
Darla, both
adopted to
wonderful families
at the shelter
(Darla went to live
in Houston and is
getting a lot of
Two double adoptions in one day at PetSmart!
Betsy B
and sister Angie B (B for bobtail) at left
Jagger and his little buddy Champ, also a
Betsy at PetSmart and Lisa at the shelter, both very
happy adoptions for dogs and humans!
If you want to become a volunteer please click on
the link for the
Volunteer Application.
If you would be able to foster an animal to enable
its adoption, please click on the link for the
Care Application.


Bagel, above,
with his happy
new companion
and our dear
Leah, ready
to go to a new
home, both
adoptions at
Tractor Supply
here in Port
Two adoptions at the shelter, Butterbear (look at
those paws "daddy" is saying) and
Wiggles, a Flame
Point Siamese who is filling the void left by a
companion of many loving years.
Two litter mates, Alfie on the left, Matilda on the right,
were very happy shelter adoptions, love at first sight.
Is this happiness or what? Rocky, on the left, went
to a very loving family, and
Bubba did also (one
lively and smart kitty is Bubba).
Tiny Sarah & sweet Jiggles, both shelter adoptions
Two adoptions in one day at the shelter,
Miley on the left and Dawson on the right
UPDATE: December 27 2016
Two PetSmart adoptions, Copper (left) and Mario
Another adoption at Tractor Supply, sweet Scarlett
and new family along with one of our volunteers,
Barbara January
A very different

, adopted
by a lovely young
lady at the shelter
Two shelter
adoptions, a
wonderful Blue
Point Siamese
cross named
Cisco, left, and one
of the smallest and
most darling dogs
we've had,
Tinkerbelle, below
Avery, one
cute pooch,
adopted at
to a very
lucky family
...and yet
another shelter
adoption, a little
pup named
One lucky
Schnauzer mix
was another
Meg is a great looking
dog who got a very pretty
young girl to make her a
best friend for life.
First Dad came to the shelter to
pick out  the perfect kitten for his
girls. He looked at several but
Swoozie kept reaching out to him
as if to say, "Pick me, pick me!"  He
said we needed to have a photo of
Swoozie with her new sisters, not
him, but we opted for both! Dad
made a great choice as Swoozie is
lots of love.
This was just
meant to be:
Our sweet,
Eli was
adopted at the
shelter (love at
first sight for
everyone) and
has gone to
live in Houston
with his new
family, and he
has a new dog
friend to play
with as well. Eli
deserved the
best and got it!
Two great
adoptions at
PetSmart with Doc
(what a sweet
photo) getting a
new mom and also
our adorable
being adopted into
a very lucky family
as he is one great
Max had been
groomed fairly
heavily to get
matted hair
removed, but it
will grow back
to show his
true look as a
Shih Tzu. His
new mom fell
in love with him
at the shelter,
just as he was,
a very good
You just never know....:-)
Two Siamese
mix sisters,
Sarita on the
left, going to live
with her new
mom and
Selena on the
right, a surprise
for Mom from
her family!
More kitten adoptions at the
Ariel above and Pepper,
right, both with their new young
family members, all growing up
Tiny, a Dachsund mix, waited a long time for a new home
Brittany found a loving home very quickly
Mother Kyndall and daughter Jellybean waited a long, long
time for a new home, we were so happy to see them
adopted together!
Two recent PetSmart adoptions, Brownie at left and little Ringo
going to terrific homes!
Cally, a sweet young puppy was adopted at the shelter and, left, little
Cissy was adopted by an animal loving family at PetSmart.
Sweet Kensi at the shelter with a very sweet little girl and Chulo
with his new family, both shelter adoptions
Simon, left, and
Kyra, right, are two
very lucky dogs who
went to the same
home. Their new
human is teaching
them all kinds of
great things to do
"have food and
water, will travel"
look at that cool
they're wearing! Very
lucky and happy
dogs, we love
adoptions like this.
Does Dobie (left, now Roger) look happy or what? A local couple who have always adopted
shelter dogs fell in love with Dobie at first sight. They came back with their lovely grand daughter
and Sophie, their resident bull terrier/pug mix, to check out the potential new family member -
Dobie passed and then some!
When Kipper's photo hit
the newspapers, the
phone rang all day long,
but he was already
adopted by the "early bird
couple" who wasted no
time in coming to the
Natasha's adoption is one of the best
we've had in a long time and is a true
"teachable moment" experience. A
special needs cat we had for so long,
she went to the
perfect home. She has
blossomed, emerging from her cocoon of
subdued quietude into a curious, active,
loving, playing, purring bundle of
happiness, doing all the 'cat things' we
didn't think possible for her. The love she
is giving and receiving has reinforced our
belief in what we do, especially when one
of our very loved animals wins the
'adoption sweepstakes' in such a huge
Tipper had to wait awhile but
the perfect person and home
finally found her!
  • If you've not yet visited our Facebook page
    (highly doubtful!!), please click the link in the
    next box for up-to-the-second (almost!)
    information about CCHS. Community support
    of CCHS via Facebook has been
    OUTSTANDING, thank you so much.  And if
    you've adopted an animal from us, photos of
    all of you go up on this website, hope for
    updates soon, so click on "Archives - Animals
    and Adoptions"
  • to see you and your new companion.  :-)
Maizy and Daizy, sisters
that won the "adoption
lottery" and went together to
the same home.

Calhoun County Humane Society's capital
“Operation Save our Tails”, to raise
money for construction of a new shelter has been
underway for over 2 years. Preliminary shelter plans
were finalized, land was purchased in May 2014 for a
new permanent location on Haley Lane near
Highway 87. The new shelter will allow space for
more adoptable animals and save more pets from
being euthanized.

Calhoun County Humane Society board is still
seeking volunteers to serve on a subcommittee to
assist in fundraising. Please email the board at if you are interested in helping in any
way. Grants are also being sought to help cover
building costs. Donations can be made payable to

CCHS building fund
and mailed to P O Box 1505 in
Port Lavaca. Like us on Facebook for the latest
updates on fundraising.

Volunteers with Calhoun County Humane Society
search daily for new homes for the stray and
unwanted dogs and cats of Calhoun County. One
day soon we will be able to conduct that search from
our very own shelter. Volunteers currently occupy
space in the city owned Port Lavaca Animal Shelter.
The Calhoun County Humane Society is grateful for
the long term partnership which allows many pets to
be adopted into loving homes.

We are also extremely proud and happy that we
recently received THREE generous grants:

The Earl C. Sams Foundation of Corpus Christi,
which gave us $5,000 for our building fund last
year, presented us recently with $20,000, again for
our  building fund. Thank you SO much!

HEB, a good friend to our community and so many
others, has contributed to worthy causes
throughout Texas and Mexico for 110 years. A
grant of $10,000 was received along with a sincere
hope for our success, many thanks HEB!

The Meadows Foundation, established by Algur
and Virginia Meadows in 1948 to benefit the people
of Texas, is among the most recognized family
foundations in the country. Since its inception, The
Meadows Foundation  has distributed more than
$775 million in grants to more than 3,000 Texas
Institutions  and agencies. CCHS was extremely
gratified to receive a grant of $60,000 from this
foundation along with the honor of being
recognized as a worthy organization in our
community deserving of help. Many thanks from all
of us at CCHS to The Meadows Foundation!
The personalized brick project is an
ongoing part of our fundraising with 4"
by 8" bricks available for a donation of
$150 and 8" by 8" bricks for a donation
of $300. These bricks will be a part of
the building's front exterior. You may
pick up an order form for these at CCHS
or Dr. Bill McClellan's office on Porter
Road. Any donations made toward the
building fund must be made to Calhoun
County Humane Society and designated
"building fund" or "Operation Save Our
Since our budget is broken down for
specific items, there is also the
opportunity for donating something
such as landscaping, fencing, paving of
the parking lot, etc., either labor or
materials or both. If you have any other
ideas or questions please contact us at
the info in the "little black & white box"
Our big fundraiser held Saturday, September 10th  at
the Bauer Center was a
huge success. You came from
everywhere to push us closer to our goal.
We are
now at $487,673.40 which is 87% of our
goal of $566,389. We are now only
$78,715.60 from reaching that goal!
What a
massive thing for CCHS and the animals is being
accomplished by all of you who are such wonderful

So many people did so much to make this fund raising
event the success it was.
The Nightriders were great
crowd pleasers as always, the food was so
delicious,many compliments were made to the chef. It
was very gratifying to hear how much everyone
enjoyed the evening. Good friends, good food, good
music and a lot of generosity made it the very
enjoyable success it was.

We want to give a huge thanks to our sponsors of
three tables:
Lester Contracting, Inc., Ken and
Melissa Lester, "Kitty Cat Stroll";
Quality Control
Testing, Inc.
, Robert and Kay McPherson, "Kitty Cat
Stroll" and
RLB Contracting, Inc., Randy and Debra
Boyd, "Big Dog Strut".
We wish we could thank each one of you who brought
items for the auctions as well as all of you generous
people who opened your hearts and bid on all these
items. Many thanks to
Mark Daigle for doing a great
job as auctioneer.
Thank you for being there for us again. As we've
said before, YOU are CCHS, we couldn't do what
we do without YOU!
How much difference can one person make? How much difference can just one volunteer make?
How much difference can a group of volunteers make? How many animals can be saved? How
much difference can one animal mean in one person's life? How much difference can YOU make?

In Memory of Schmusie

Our Schmusie went to cat heaven in January of 2015 after 16 1/2 years of being our sweet and faithful companion.

She came into our lives in the fall of 1998 when I found her abandoned and thrown away in a ditch far from any human habitation. She
was starving and had a broken hip and was still so tiny that she easily fit into one hand. After a trip to Dr. Wilson for a first check out
she came home to us in Port O'Connor for only 2 days before moving in for 5 weeks with a loving volunteer from the Calhoun County
animal shelter while we were abroad. Upon our return we sponsored her vaccinations and care hoping somebody might want to adopt
her who didn't already have several cats. But the weeks passed, the cold fronts started rolling in and we couldn't stand the thought of
her being in a freezing outdoor enclosure. So she came to live with us for good.

She rewarded us with 16 years of affection, loyalty and unconditional love. She was playful, snuggly and caring. Somehow she could tell
when one of us was not feeling well and would come sit with us and lick our nose to make it better. In her last year of life she became
blind, almost deaf and weak in her hind legs but she was brave and determined and still showed us that she loved us by purring and
sitting on our laps. When she finally could no longer hold on she left a huge hole in our hearts but also many wonderful memories.

We hope that our donation to the new shelter construction fund  in her memory  will help make it possible that many deserving animals
can find a forever home and people who love them as much as we loved our Schmusie.We
A most wondrous thing happened to
CCHS recently when  we received a
donation from "one of our own."

Naomi Albrecht of Port O'Connor
presented CCHS with a check for
$100,000.00! One of the core members
dating back to our first meeting in 2005,
she saved and planned for a dream home
for her and husband Clarence. Somehow
they never got around to building that
home, and now that money will ensure a
"dream home" for CCHS and all the
animals there awaiting their new forever

In planning any structure there will always
be unexpected expenses and occasionally
items that need to be changed or added,
and this money provides a cushion that
will make it possible to make those
changes as well as any surprises that
might occur "down the road."

A widow now, Naomi has been a very
active member of Calhoun County since
she came here as a young woman to
teach at Port O'Connor. A teacher,
principal, PTA member at local, regional
and state levels, member of CCISD Board
of Trustees and eventually President as
well as belonging  to many other
organizations, she has given her life and
time to doing and accomplishing so much
to help this community and its people.
And as an animal lover, she found yet
another need for her to reach out and help,
and there she was at that first meeting and
here we are now.

Thank you, Naomi Albrecht, for this very
generous donation as well as for being the
wonderful person you are who has given
so much of yourself to so many!
We know that all of you, our supporters, realize
your help and donations will always be needed.
There is never "enough" of either for non-profits
such as CCHS, the needs will always be there.
Thank you so much for what you do, now and in
the future!!