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We were SO SO happy that even though he couldn't get on the computer himself, one of our cats
told his new family to write and tell us his thoughts about his new home so here it is!

" I’m “Little Boo”, now named Max, and I want everyone to know that I found a happy home. I have a wonderful family
of four whom I love dearly. My new mom's name is
Brandi, and I wait for her to come home from work every day where
she loves to cuddle and rub faces together for at least 30 minutes before I go play. She calls me her " Little Man". Then
the girls and I love to go in the backyard and chase each other. I  really love it when I find a grass snake or bug and
tease them with it. Boy, how they scream! I also have a new best friend. She is a DOG!!! named
Shash, a Shi Tzu. She
keeps me company and I love to chase her big fluffy tail. We enjoy playing chase, watching movies with the girls, doing
our best to steal popcorn.
: - ) I have a lot of toys, and my favorite is the small playground mom bought me. It has
compartments with holes where I like to play peek-a-boo and has some cool balls that hang off it. I also like the feather
toy mom bought me that I’m determined to destroy. Mom says I'm a spoiled cat. I just want everyone to know that I have
a wonderful family, and to thank CCHS for rescuing and taking care of me, then helping me find where I belong for the
rest of my life!
Click here to open the Adoption
Application Form
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