Calhoun County Humane Society
"Memories of all kinds...."
The new City of Port Lavaca Animal Shelter was dedicated on April 25th of
2006 at 4:00 p.m. (photos below). This is our "home" to operate from, a place
to house the animals we rescue with the ability to rescue many more.  This
was a great step forward for our community.  
Come see us and the facilities!
Naomi Albrecht presented a
plaque to
Louise Fenner in
memory of her husband, Dr. Roy
Fenner, the first veterinarian in
this county and a much loved
member of the community. He
served its people and animals for
45 years. The plaque hangs in the
office of CCHS. Sadly, we lost
Louise in 2012.
Animal Control
Mary Bradley, who created
our logo,
Janice Holladay,
President of CCHS and
LaVerne Miller, CCHS
Shelter volunteer  Ken Rippee and
friend hung our sign donated by
Carroll Sign Masters. As we hope
everyone knows by now, the
adoption office is located in the new
Port Lavaca Animal Shelter at 201
Stringham Drive. Thanks, guys!
We will never forget the hard work
and success we had with our
garage sale held in the summer
of 2006 in the warehouse of
Russell Cain Real Estate.
note one of our greatest
Jerry Miller, who's
always there to help and make us
laugh. Thanks, Jerry!
And who can forget  Mr. W. H. Bauer, Jr. and all the people of  First National Bank
who have now held
SEVEN bake sales benefiting CCHS, beginning in the fall of
2006 and through 2012.  We are always overwhelmed by the amount of baked
goods for sale and the money that is raised -
FNB really outdoes themselves! And to
all of you who purchased - and often gave extra money as a donation to CCHS, a
huge thanks!
And who can forget...
Our first fundraiser, "Save Our Tails", held at
Tropics Restaurant, on September
15th of 2006 - great fun and a great success.  A very special thanks to Mark and Thé
Nasternak of
Tropics and their staff for letting us wait tables, sell tee shirts and
generously donating the tips for the evening to CCHS.  All tables had special
centerpieces made and donated by Jo-Ann Lewis of
I Do Weddings and Events.
We will always be grateful to the following patrons and donors for their donations,
all monies going to further the work and outreach of CCHS:
Wolf Point Ranch, Al and Dianna Stanger - Hayes Electric, J. V. Hayes
Cole, Cole and Easley, Jim Cole - Dennis Brown - Naomi Albrecht
Bobby V’s Construction, Bobby Villafuerte -  Ganem and Kelly Surveying  
Troy Easton - Texas Title Company, Ceanne Hons - Dr. R. Malek, Radiologist
Pam Lambden - Terry Baxter - Z-Mech Tech, C. E. Zirkelback
Jan Regan - Rebecca Lacy - Lynne Voskamp - Richard & Jo-Ann Lewis
Sun Coast Enterprises, Mr. & Mrs. Mike Parker - Robb D. Muil - Pat Trigg
Hillman Shrimp & Oyster, Steve Taylor - Nadine Arnold      
We were very happy that the
Chamber of Commerce let us have
a table at the
Business Expo held
2-26-09. We took some of our
animals and had a great time letting
people know about us, what we do.
We would also like to "permanently" acknowledge Graciela
of Port Lavaca who came to the bake sale at First
National Bank in fall of 2008 and gave us a wonderful donation, money that she
had saved all year long to give to a "worthy cause" at Christmas
time. We were overwhelmed by her generosity.
Thanks, Gracie! : - )
Two great
adoptions at
Wal-Mart with
Gypsy (left), a mixed
breed terrier and
Suzy, a beagle mix,
going to very loving
Some adoptions, great memories...
Pippin went to a
home of dog
lovers who have
little boy we've
ever seen!
Another terrific day at
Versace, a
sweet little
dachshund mix went
to a great new home.
Sort of a "the tall and
the short of it"
adoption, this one.
: - )
It is so gratifying when we are contacted by those who have adopted one of our animals, but we got a special
treat when Little Boo, now called Max, "emailed" us about his new home and even sent photos. Please go to
Contact Us" for this delightful story!!
Who can forget one of
our very first
adoptions? Rascal
was adopted in May of
2005 and went to an
animal lover who later
became one of our
Abby, a very sweet
golden lab mix went
to the perfect home
in September of
2007.She gets to go
fishing and swim  
and has taken over
the best chair in the
house - spoiled
rotten. .
: - )
A great adoption at PetSmart,
Dec. of 2008.
Capone, one of a
litter of 4 black cats with fur like
ermine, was adopted by a
wonderful family. Son
carried Capone thru the
checkout, and Capone was so
laid back that we all laughed!
Calista, a sister of
Capone, was also
adopted by a great
family. She's now called
Punkin and enjoyed her
first Christmas in a
loving home with
Brooklyn and family.
Remember Hamlet?  One of our
favorite dogs, he wore his antlers so
well in the Christmas parade, 2006.

He went to a wonderful family in
Houston who has made HIM "family"
too. He travels with them on
vacations and LOVES going to
nearby lakes for a swim.
Shiloh, a golden retriever, met his new
family at Wal-Mart  now has a country
home all his own to explore.
Crissy with her
new "mom",
another great
A magical day at PetSmart on
2-7-09 when
Princess and
Shadow were both adopted by a
wonderful couple so these 2
sisters could stay together & are
now running, playing & living the
good country life they deserve!!!
Now called Sadie and Bailey, these two have a
new friend, a chocolate lab:
water & labs, what
a combo!
It's adoptions such as this
that keep us at CCHS doing what we
These 2 sisters were able to stay together
and got the perfect home for them.
This couple found
Skip on and
came all the way
from San Antonio to
adopt him, lucky
Maddie, one cute little girl, is
being cuddled by her new
Mom with Dad and "resident
dog" posing for the camera.
Maddie had a hard start in life
so this was a very rewarding
adoption for her and us.
Starsky, a very
happy pup,
went to a
happy family at
PetSmart on
July 4th!
Two great adoptions at
the shelter,
Marcie on
the left with her new
family, and
with one very cute little
girl who is going to
spoil him rotten.
: - )
remember that adult cats
can be as sweet as
kittens plus they're
WYSWYG so you already
know their
One of our first mobile adoptions at
Wal-Mart in September of 2005,
Smokey went to a wonderful home.
But this nice man wanted a
companion for Smokey so in
January of 2009
Garfield got a new
We love it when people
"come back for seconds!"
A small young girl, a big
young dog, a huge amount
of love - it comes in all
sizes, shapes and ages.
Won't you add to the love in
your family by adopting one
of these wonderful
...and now..WOW!!
Portia, one of the
smallest adult dogs
we've ever had at
the shelter, went to
a terrific home
where she now
sleeps under the
covers at night! We
also hear she's one
great watch dog.
This was
another one of
those "love at
first sight"
Bitsy was so
eager and
happy with her
new human
that she could
hardly stay still
for the photo!
Two other great adoptions at PetSmart with Mugsy and Sassy, a
brother and sister terrier/Dachshund mix, were adopted together,
always heartwarming for us when dogs have become so attached
to each other - thanks for taking them both!
Gizmo, a dog unlike
any dog we've ever had at the shelter, went to a family who said "It
was love at first sight!" We agreed and so did Gizmo.
Meet Delia Kolar of Kolar Photography and
sons Ty and Morgan with 189 lbs. of food for
our animals!  In exchange for a 10 lb. bag of
pet food, Delia gave a photo session with
your pet and a free 5" x 7" photo. Totally her
own idea, she surprised us with this and
says she plans to do it again as it was so
much fun. So watch our site for "next time."
There are two young girls in Austwell
whom we would like to thank for their
donations to CCHS. They saved birthday
money and other money they could have
spent on themselves but gave it to us for
the animals' needs. This is "giving from
the heart", the best kind of gift, and kudos
to their parents for raising such fine
children who are thinking of others and
doing for others.
A huge THANK YOU! to the All
Around 4-H Club
under the
direction of
Melissa Downs who
held a food and supply drive for
our animals.  They donated many
sacks of food as well as toys,
leashes and so many other
You are a terrific group of
young people!
A huge THANKS! to Kari Pfeifer for
organizing a pet supply drive that was held at
Wal-Mart. She and her friends,
Fricke, Carlos Aguirre, Jamie Olivarez
Sharon Anderle, did an incredible job
soliciting donations for us. Over $1,000 in
monetary gifts was given in addition to
hundreds of pounds of food for our dogs and
cats along with other items.
Yes, Eclipse has "gone to the
Mike and Tammy Ward
(no green shirts) generously
donated vehicle graphics to
customize the trailer used for
mobile adoptions, and they have
been great supporters of CCHS.  
Eclipse also donated tee shirts
screen printed with our logo.
says, "Anything for the
Pictured above are Tammy Ward, LaVerne
Miller, Janice Holladay, Mike Ward,
Barbara January
and a selection of our
great dogs. This wonderful trailer is
provided by
Jerry and LaVerne Miller for
our use and it has made a HUGE difference
in getting to and from our adoptions.
and join CCHS - we are a "family" that also
has a lot of fun!!
Two happy young girls
and a somewhat
Morgan, a very sweet fella, was
adopted by a happy family the
day after Thanksgiving. We think
everyone is very thankful for
Meet Pete, a border collie, and Patty, a
MinPin, both rescue dogs that live
happily in the
John and Kathy Warren
home. The Warrens are
Patrons of
and avid advocates of "pound
pup adoptions" which makes us very
happy. Both of these dogs, now five
years old, would have not made it had
the Warrens not intervened and saved
their lives. They know just how
wonderful rescued dogs can be.They
have also rescued two horses. Can
people make a difference? YES!
Please join the Warrens and become a
family that can say, "We adopted a
rescued animal."
Kit with her
new family -
they were
very excited
about having
a kitten in
their life.
Squire & his new family
from Spring - a long way!
Starburst: Fom the look of these two excited
youngsters, our buddy probably had his fur rubbed off
in places from all the petting he's getting.
Little DeeDee, a
cute pup, now has
a very cute little boy
as a playmate. And
though Mother
probably has her
hands full already,
she reached out to
one of our
deserving animals,
making DeeDee a
part of the family.
Cisco found his
new home at one
of our First
Saturday mobile
adoptions at
Port Lavaca Nursing and Rehab
hosted an adoption event for us  
replete with refreshments, music
and dancing! Take a look at some of
the photos below of the residents
being given a chance to hold and
love an animal, some for the first
time in a long time, and our dogs
joining in the dancing. Three of our
large dogs, Gentry, Brooke and
Chelsea really perked up when the
band started playing!
Max stole the hearts of a wonderful
couple who have a bay house in
Seadrift,  who heard about him
through his photo in the
Many thanks to all the media
who give exposure to our animals
each week!
A real "red letter day" at PetSmart with our
Duke being adopted, and we couldn't
have hand picked a better family! Here he is
with his new canine friends, loving life and
living it large as Duke so richly deserves.
An absolutely  FANTASTIC day
PetSmart 11-7!  Jeffrey, a
sweet, sweet terrier mix we all
Kaos, a "bundle of
energy" hound pup and aptly
named, and
Lizzie, a
Chihuahua with some terrier in
her, all went to
superb new
homes. This was truly an
outstanding day, we thank all
of you who made this
possible!! Everyone of us went
home happy and smiling for
hours.  :-)
Coco and Tiffany, two
gorgeous tabby sisters, went
to live with mother and
daughter, not sure who got
whom as they were in love
with both these little girls.
Ambrose went to
a new home at
Ambrose is pretty
cute, and so is
his new owner..
Lucky Rascal! He
got a new home with
a lovely lady at
Wal-Mart. He may
not look thrilled to
bits here but rest
assured he was.
Remember our little Smokey trying
to make his "great escape" over on
the Cat Page? Well, he made the
best kind of escape possible, being
adopted into a wonderful home.
TaiTai, an adorable long haired Siamese cross,
went to a new home a few days before
Christmas. Daughters and grandson took him
home to his new mom as he was a "requested
surprise" Christmas present.
:-) TaiTai is now
perhaps one of the most spoiled cats in Port
Lavaca, loved and catered to by both mom and
"dad" who think he's
The Best.  We get continued
updates about his wonderfulness!!
Baxter, a "snoodle" aka a
Schnauzer/poodle mix, was
adopted at Wal-Mart  Way to go,
It didn't take long for little
Heidi to make her new
family certain she was the
companion they needed to
make their home complete.
Two of our "little guys" went to
new homes recently, and we
feel fairly certain they are
going to be spoilled rotten
and then some.
:-) Jesse,
left, and
Rico, right, are
Chihuahua/terrier mixes
we're very happy for as these
adopters really were thrilled
with their new companions.
LOVE!  Isn't it a wonderful thing?
Two great adoptions at PetSmart: At
left, one of our much loved adult cats,
Isadorable, with her new family and,
at right tiny
Meg with her new human,
both in love with each other!
Two excellent
adoptions at the
Beaux, a silky
long hair black beauty
Donovan meeting
his new friends,
human and canine.
Wonderful animals
going to live with
wonderful people, it
doesn't get any better
than that.
Two Christmas Eve
adoptions at
PetSmart, two little
Purrdy on the
left, a kitten that
really likes to purr,
Hemi for a little
girl who said she
wanted a black
kitten and got a
really good one!
On 11-10-10 the Calhoun County
Quilt Guild
presented us with two
extremely wonderful quilts to be
raffled off May of 2011, all
proceeds going to CCHS to
continue our work. Naturally, the
theme of both was cats and dogs
and no words can describe the
originality, cleverness, superb
workmanship and just overall
charm of these quilts. Many
thanks to the Quilt Guild for
honoring us and our work in this
way. At the drawing held May 7th
at Port Lavaca Veterinary Clinic,
Emilio Ruiz of Port Lavaca won
"Adorable & Adoptable" and
Chris Mapp of Port O'Connor
(daughter Crystal picked it up for
Dad) won "Kissable & Keepable."
Ajax, a sweet black
and tan tabby, got a
terrific home back in
July at PetSmart.
Then in September
Mango, an orange
tabby, and
Lucky, a
sandy colored terrier
found wonderful
homes as well.
Above, again at
PetSmart, is
, a silky
black fella and his
new family, and at
the right,  
Reba, a
very sweet dog with
an equally sweet
little girl!
Louie was seen on and his new owner
fell in love with him, called us, we faxed the adoption
contract, he came up the next day to give Louie a new
home. We like these kind of "happy ending stories."
again, we love it when we get updates on the animals
we've adopted out. Please go to
Animals-Archives" that follows Page 2 of "Our
Animals" to see how Louie is now enjoying "la dolce
vita" with his new family and buddy.
Two great recent
adoptions, little
Erin and big
Marley, our
"Mighty Dog",
went to perfect
homes. It's SO
rewarding when
the adopter and
animal "click"
instantly and you
know it's right
both of them.
And we love it when we get updates on the animals we've adopted out.
Please go to
"Our Animals-Archives" that follows Page 2 of "Our
Animals" to see how Erin is now enjoying life!
Scribbles has a home! Scribbles has a home! YES!!!!
A most deserving dog is Scribbles, and we couldn't have picked a better
home. She has a wonderful family, a big yard and lots of toys and attention, a
terrific adoption!
Gentry was so excited
that we could hardly get
him still enough to get
an "in focus" photo -
just look at that tail
going "90 to nothing!"
One of the most gentle,
loving and good
natured dogs we've
ever had, we are so
glad that he now has a
home where he's going
to be happy and make
everyone who meets
him just as happy. A
long life to you, Gentry,
we loved you a LOT!
We were very happy in 2009 to receive a sizable donation from The Capital Group
Companies Charitable Foundation
in honor of Bryan Golz. This was a gift made to
CCHS in recognition of Bryan reaching 5 years with the Capital Group
Companies.  It is extremely gratifying that Bryan, a former resident of Port Lavaca,
chose to support CCHS through the
Capital Group Companies Anniversary
Donation Program
. A huge "thank you" to both Bryan and his company!
Due to Cheryl Metzler of Seadrift, who works for BP in Houston, we received a
donation from
BP America Inc. in 2008 through their Fabric of America Fund.
This is a one time grant that employees of long standing with
BP can make to an
organization of their choice.  Cheryl chose us, an "out of the blue" surprise. Thank
you, Cheryl!
But....another surprise!!
We later again received notice from BP America Inc.  that  "Cheryl Metzler, a BP
employee, has recommended your organization as one that makes a positive
contribution. To express our gratitude, BP would like to present a gift from the
Fabric of America Fund.
Please accept the enclosed check with our sincere
thanks for the important work you do...We support groups that make up the fabric
of America: organizations across the US that work to improve people's lives. The
Fabric of America Fund considers contribution to organizations recommended
by BP employees. We are pleased you have been chosen for a grant through this
program.  Again, thank you for working to make a difference in people's lives. We
hope our support will help you to continue the work that has made an impression
on those around you."  
Thank you, Cheryl, and thank you BP America Inc.
All of us at CCHS extend our deepest
sympathies to the family of
who left this life on June 24, 2011.
Darlene loved animals so much, and
she attended our first meetings as well
as organizing a very successful fund
raiser for us. She was always
supportive of CCHS despite a busy work
schedule as a very good and caring
nurse.  We mourn her passing but
rejoice in having known her and in
working with her.
March 4, 1993 - January 11, 2012

It is with overwhelming sadness we cannot begin to measure or
see beyond,  that we mourn the death of Riley, 18 year old son of
Janice and Tony, brother of Connor and known to so many as a
wonderful  friend.  It was Janice who laid the groundwork for the
birth of CCHS, and it was after a visit to the old animal control
facility that she was moved to action by Riley who said, "Mom, it's
just not right, we have to do something so these animals have a
chance of adoption." A lover of animals, he would often take one
home from the shelter to foster, giving it the special attention it
needed to become adoptable. A lover of the outdoors, he
appreciated and reveled in its beauty and bounty. Riley was of
great help to us at the shelter doing jobs we could not do, and he
was a rarity among young people in that he could work alongside
and talk with those of us who are much older in such a
comfortable way - what fun and laughter he brought into our
lives! We loved Riley so much and will continue to do so in our
memories that will not fade, that lanky young man with the ready
smile, what a joy he was, how lucky we all were to have had  him.
Memorials may be made to "Riley's Gone Fishing, Again!
Scholarship Fund", care of First National Bank, Drawer 7, Port
Lavaca or the Calhoun County Humane Society, Box 1505, Port
They just have
that "labitude"
that makes them
loving puppies
Life is made up of living, loving and losing. Sometimes the loss is expected,
sometimes not, but though we lose loved ones they are still with us in vivid and
happy memories.
Many people have made donations to CCHS in memory of their loved ones,
human and animal. This section of our website is a permanent reminder of
those we loved and lived with and keep in our hearts.
In memory of our companions

Jessie and Hula (Ruehman),
Richmond, Texas
Buster (Crist), Port Alto
Andie (Rogers), Austin
Boca (Whitworth), Port Alto
Ka-Wa-Ni (Thornton) PO'C
Maxwell (Matsis), Tivoli
MIRZA, K-9 deputy for the Calhoun
County Sheriff's office
Rusty (Smith), Bacliff
Skylar (Heurtevant), Port Lavaca
Ricky (Poimbeauf), Port Lavaca
Rowdy (Machicek), Port Lavaca
and Point Comfort
Dory (Dodo) (Busby), Port Alto
Leda (Koerner), Port Alto
Cody (Rogers), Austin
Jojo (Poimbeauf), Port Lavaca
Barnacle (Bennetsen), PO'C
Sammy Joe (Kellough),Dickinson
Gus (Bonano), Houston
Henry James (Scroggs) Houston
Alice (Nelson), Palacios
Ginger (Hase)Minnesota
In memory of family and friends

Dr. Roy Fenner
Ellie Dio
Susan Meyers
Jack D. Campbell, Sr.
Billy Clyde Neve
Carrie Henry
Alfred "Buck" Buxkemper
Elrine Mayer
Roland and Virginia Cain
Bob Grantland
James McSpadden
Billy Nichols
Albert Mayer
Louise Fenner
Paul Gary
Marynelle Blake Bruce
Lucille Gary
Darryl Rusty Hinds
Kenneth Dolezal
Molly Rylander Steinger
Cynthia Cuellar
Gene Scott
Don RaY
Bobby Matson
Wyatt O'Neill
Glenda Meyer
Mari Jacqueline McLean
Robert "Bob" Wallace
David Smith
Sid Ward
Goldie Sanders
Mrs. Leard Cope
Michael Carey
Lewis Madden
Margaret Beeler
Courtney Elliott
A. H. Bonorden, Jr.
Sterling Griffith
Fred Beeler
Robert Partain
Millie Hrbacek Gautreaux
Sue Livingston
Nelma Chamrad
Lorraine Matson
Dr. John Griffin
Patsy Kendrick
Carlton Dorsey
Jennifer Hodgkinson
Patsy Turk
James Wisdom
Mary Kay Schreck
Ernestine Bittner
Dean Wood
And some cats that had
issues but we loved and
did what we could for them
in foster care, as long as
quality of life remained:
Pooh Cat, Blaire, Dandy
Lion, Adeline, BeeGee,
and our dear office
, Bogie....
Cindy Scott
August 29, 1961 - April 26, 2012

Cindy was one of our volunteers at the shelter, and she loved animals with
every inch of her being. She was a joy to work with as her attitude was always
upbeat and positive with a smile always on her face. She had a generous and
giving heart that reached out to all of us as well as the animals. Even when she
could no longer volunteer, she came by to visit and no matter how she felt she
remained cheerful and caring about others. She was a rare gift in our lives, and
we miss her greatly.
K-9 Deputy with the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office
1999 - 11 August 2012

A generous donation was made to CCHS by those at the Calhoun County Sheriff's
Office who knew Mirza, worked alongside her and loved her very much. She was
a K-9 Deputy, a Belgian Malinois, and  worked with her handler, trainer and
friend, Investigator Steve De La Cruz. Together, their successes in arrests and
seizures were remarkable. Mirza was an incredible dog. We cannot even begin
to fully cover here what she accomplished. If you are not familiar with Mirza,
what she did and how she was loved, there are five articles on her and her work
The Port Lavaca Wave. Two of them by Melony Overton will tug at your heart
as Mirza was truly a magnificent dog.  Please click on this link,
"Port Lavaca
Wave, MIRZA"and read about this wonderful dog, her trainer and their many
years of being together.

Ironically, her death so quickly after retirement, on the 11th of August, was also
the birth date of Nick, her successor at the Sheriff's Office. A trooper to the last,
she made her exit as another came to continue her work.