Calhoun County Humane Society

What are Mobile Adoptions and "Why?"
Even though we have a home in the City of Port Lavaca Animal Shelter, we continue to go out to the public with
our animals and bring the adoption process to you. You can find us at
Tractor Supply on the 3rd Saturday of
each month and at
Petsmart in Victoria on the 1st Saturday of each month with our dogs and at as many
community functions as we can.
Come meet us and your future pet!
And here's a "blast from the past" of our first trailer, a borrowed fireworks stand, and some of our
first animals that we hauled out to meet YOU!
The Calhoun County Humane Society is a Texas
Non-Profit Corporation. In January of 2006 we received our
501(c)3 tax exempt status.  We organized and established
this all-volunteer group to enable more adoptions of dogs
and cats from our local animal shelter through our
intervention. Many animals are euthanized each year. In
some cases this is unavoidable due to their illness or
behavioral problems. But many wonderful pets are
abandoned and end up at the shelter, pets that have so
much to offer and that have no chance without a great deal
of effort by caring humans.  Working with animal control, we
make available to the public dogs and cats that will be
wonderful companion animals and that have been tested,
vaccinated and spayed/neutered.
The adoption fee for
cats is $80; the adoption fee for dogs is $100.
testing, vaccinating and spaying or neutering  is included in
this cost - a bargain and a good deed, all in one.!
When an animal is rescued from animal control, it is held at
the animal shelter or in a foster home environment.  Most of
us are already fostering animals and more foster homes will
always be needed.
 The number of pets we can save is
now dependent not only on the number of foster
homes we can find but also on how many volunteers
we have to man the shelter for adoptions.
 If you would
like to become a foster parent or know of someone who
would or would like to volunteer at the shelter,  please
contact us by calling and leaving a message at
361-553-8916 or e-mail us at:
Whether it be a special activity or our regular adoption site at  TSC, the 3rd Saturday and
PetSmart the 1st Saturday of every month, we
"have animals, will travel" so come and meet us
and learn more about the Calhoun County Humane Society.

We are told, over and over, by so many people, “You are doing such good work. We are thankful
you exist.” Well, we want
US to become YOU,  as well, so that we can continue this work.  If you
can become a hands on volunteer you will –
guaranteed – never feel more appreciated by four
legged critters! The joy and excitement of the dogs as you approach their kennel to let them out
and walk them, the eagerness of the cats to dig into their newly clean litter box first, before
even eating, is a great “upper” each and every time.”

What can YOU do? If you love animals and want to help at the shelter you can
[1] Come visit and
spend the day learning what it involves. You can then pair with another volunteer until you feel
comfortable doing it on your own.
 [2]  You would like to help but are afraid if you spent time
around the animals, you’d want to adopt every animal there? Then man the phone, work in the
office talking to drop ins, do laundry so the volunteer can clean without having to watch the
door constantly, ferry animals to the vet for tests and shots.
[3]  You have only an hour or two
several times a week? Come by and walk some of the dogs. They need to learn to walk on
leashes, to obey commands so they are more readily adoptable and this is something you would
love doing – and, oh the love and affection you get back in return!
[4] Dogs go to Petsmart the
first Saturday of every month and Wal-Mart the third Saturday for mobile adoption. Come in and
bathe them so they look and feel good.  Volunteers are also needed at these adoption events to
walk the dogs and greet the public.
Link to "Volunteer Application"

Link to "Foster Care Application"
Good Morning,
What better way to
start your day (as a
volunteer or visitor)
than this? Out of
their kennels,
running around,
playing with each
other (improving
those social skills),
getting exercise,  it
never fails to lift our
spirits as we watch
them enjoy grass
and dirt and each
other. Come see us
and our happy dogs
and cats. Maybe your
perfect companion
animal is already
here, waiting for just
And don't forget...
Here we are at another mobile adoption: The grand opening
of the  
Calhoun Air Center under the new management of
Dianna Stanger. It was a great occasion for all who attended,
a chance to meet new friends and old as well as a successful
dog adoption!
Our first hurricane evacuation; thankfully Ike did not come
here. This was a massive undertaking that would not have
been possible without the use of Harry and Carol
Frankson's cattle trailer. A HUGE "thank you" to Carol who
drove up to New Braunfels on the 12th and returned our 56
animals back here on the 14th.  Pictured unloading are
Gloria Saylor, Carol Frankson, Janice Holladay,
Megan Strauss and Margaret Yanta.
Megan and
Margaret are not regular volunteers but showed up in our
"hour of need", greatly appreciated. Also helping at the
shelter with cleaning and unloading were
RaDonna Marek
Barbara January.  We hope we don't have to do this
again for many years, but it was definitely useful to learn
just how BIG a job this is!
And being a volunteer - or a friend of animals - can
mean other kinds of activities...
CCHS says,
"Save Our
"Hey, doesn't anyone
know IT'S HOT! We
think there's air
conditioning in there
somewhere. Maybe if
we whine or scratch at
the door...?"
And here we are again at the Calhoun Air Center for the special
activities on 12-12-09. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate.
Heavy fog prevented planes from flying in and it was cold for us
and the dogs. But we got to meet old friends and  new ones,
always a winning combo.

With few exceptions, we want to place our animals in home
environments. Please give some thought to the following:
Even large dogs make wonderful companions inside, once
house trained, provided they have a large fenced yard in
which to run and play (and which also protects them from
strays that might attack them).
[2] Animals that come in and
out bring pests such as fleas and ticks and often diseases.
[3] Animals that live inside live longer and their health can
be monitored. Cats in particular can develop urinary tract
infections that will not become noticeable to you until they
are near death, often they will hide when they become ill.  
[4] Kittens, puppies and small dogs are in danger of
predators outdoors. As more land is developed, "critters" are
driven closer to humans. Coyotes are being seen in
subdivisions, and even a large dog can be mauled or killed -
smaller animals stand no chance at all. Great horned owls
and hawks can take even adult cats, especially in rural
areas. And cats kept indoors will not harm our beloved song
All of us at CCHS want the very best for these animals we
rescue, work with, take care of, get to know and love. We
want our adopters to feel the same way and be able to
provide a loving, safe and secure new home for each of
them so they are not in harm's way.
A mobile adoption in the parking lot
Wal-Mart on Highway 35 - have
trailer, will travel!
As said before on our home page, we are very happy that the Calhoun County Independent School District donated a surplus portable classroom
building to CCHS. It was moved on to the shelter property, both the acquisition and moving being a
huge project that one of our volunteers, Carol
, took on herself to make it all come together - this wouldn't have happened without her.  We foresee many uses for it that will expand
our rescue work, one of which has been to provide a "cat habitat" so the cats can be taken out of their small cages, run, play, get some much
needed exercise and socialization.  We would like to acknowledge again and thank Adelmiro Cantu of Formosa Plastics, Palacios Marine
Industrial (Greg Garcia)and Carboline of Corpus Christi (Lee Roy Navarro) for working together to provide us with paint for the building!! The
following are some photos of the building, inside and outside, before renovation and building of the cat habitat and then a few of the many cats
who have been and are now enjoying this wonderful space.  All renovations done were made possible by donations from some wonderful
supporters of CCHS for this specific purpose.
In addition to the adoptions we do at the shelter,
PetSmart and mobile adoptions, we also do "breed
rescue" work. Dogs often come through the shelter
that are purebred or very nearly so, and the rescue
organizations for specific breeds will take them in. Two
of many such rescues are shown here, one by a
Greyhound group, the other Springer Spaniels.
And then Piper, an English Pointer, was accepted by a breed
rescue group. One of our volunteers, Carol Frankson, drove
Piper to the Sugar Land airport where Mark Powell in picture
at left, had volunteered to fly Piper in his personal plane to
Baton Rouge. Picture at right shows Mr. Powell, his son and
the woman from the English Pointer Rescue group who took
Do we go to great lengths to save worthy
animals? You bet we do!
And we so appreciate the acts of
kindness that comes to us from
the community, individuals and
groups such as the following:
Junior Girl Scout Troop 9510  held a food
drive for our animals outside
Claire Reinhard and Kaylee Price,
earned the Bronze
Award, the highest award that a Junior Girl
Scout can earn
. This
award requires 15 hours of planning and
working a community service
project. Many thanks to Claire and Kaylee
and their fellow troop
members for honoring us and helping to
feed our dogs and cats, they
had a very successful drive! Also many
thanks to all the great people
of this area who donated the food as well
as cash donations. A very
active troop, they are becoming good
citizens who care about their
community. Below are photos of their
recycling work, something we
laud as CCHS recycles also. THANK YOU
from all of us at CCHS, 2 and
4 footed critters alike!   :-)
Another remarkable rescue was Zeke who was taken to
Houston by Kim Tatum, one of our volunteers who works very
hard on rescues. From there he went to his foster mom in New
Iberia, LA who is with the Delta Humane Society of Rayville and
then to his new home in Fort Plain, NY! From PL in TX to NY, quite
a trip and all because we and others care so very much.
Dexter, a
wonderful black
lab and
a Great Dane,
both transported
by a CCHS
volunteer to a
breed rescue
and  new homes.
And keep watching for photos and stories of our continuing breed
rescue work, very worthy dogs being given a second chance....
Koda (our 1st Akita)
Bear (what a guy!)

Russell held a golf scramble tournament October
13th at Hatch Bend Country Club that benefited
our humane society. He asked that in honor of his
birthday people would consider making a donation
to CCHS. He and Cherre are ardent animal lovers,
having both dogs and cats. The response of the
community to this request of his "milestone"
birthday was INCREDIBLE!  Everyone was so
generous, and all had a great time. There was a
breakfast, a buffet lunch, music, a silent auction -
a very well planned and wonderful day for Russell
and CCHS. We're sorry we don't have names to go
with the photos below, but some will be familiar,
we're sure. We want to thank Russell again for
holding this event, it was a huge success!
We are also to be found at PetSmart in Victoria on
the first Saturday of each month when we take some
of our dogs out to the public for adoption.
And now, recent photos of another friend of CCHS, Tractor Supply Company, which is hosting
adoption events, the latest being 2-15-14. THANK YOU, TSC!
3 dogs adopted!!!